Wealth Management Network In order to better serve our clients, we have carefully selected experts, each with a high level of knowledge and skill in key financial professions.  Should your wealth management needs require services in the following areas, we are here to introduce you to specialists to analyze and devise appropriate solutions.

Business Succession and Continuity Planning
Consultants look for creative and innovative solutions to very real problems of transferring your business to those you designate whether it is a family transition or an outright sale.  Their interest is in the efficient succession and continued, successful operation of your company for active and non-active stockholders.

Commercial Real Estate Services Commercial Real Estate Consultants that work with clients in the capacity of a tenant representative for commercial and industrial leases.

Employee Benefit Programs
Consultants to review your existing employee benefit programs and, when needed, recommend changes for the purposes of reducing costs and/or restructuring benefits to meet your business objectives.

Private Equity Consultants Private Equity Consultants can deliver a broad suite of private equity and corporate advisory services to companies ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations. Firms assist corporate clients in raising capital, accessing markets (providing business and corporate development services), and providing management services (filling gaps in the management team on a temporary or longer-term basis).

Their principals have broad experience in corporate & investment banking; operations and executive management; technology development; and the public sector. 

Currency Exchange Currency exchange consultants will work with both you and the recipient to determine the most cost-effective way to send or receive payments.

Cross-Border Immigration Attorney A large part of our service pertains to assisting small to medium size businesses open branches of their Canadian companies in the United States and transfer their managers and executives or specialized knowledge staff to work legally in the U.S. 

Our Immigration Attorney is also highly experienced in assisting Canadians in obtaining investor visas to develop new businesses in the United States, and Canadians to immigrate to the U.S. to join their U.S. spouses and other family members.

Cross-Border Income Tax Services Cross-Border tax consultant’s services are designed to serve the needs of those with assets and interests on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border.

Areas of Expertise:


Estate Planning For business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals alike, the ultimate disposition of the business and/or personal assets are a matter for planning and decision, not chance.  Careful choices made regarding power, control, and ownership transfer from one generation to the next can have a major impact on family, employees and customers.  We can introduce you to advisors that will assist you in structuring your plans in ways consistent with your goals for your family. 

Mortgage Brokerage Referral Services

We can refer you to licensed mortgage brokers in Canada and the U.S. who bring vast experience in credit management, personal lending and mortgages, both residential and commercial.